#Mydigitalmaker Career Immersion Showcase1 min read

February 21, 2020 1 min read


#Mydigitalmaker Career Immersion Showcase1 min read

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Fu showing their support for Fusionex Digital Ninjas Lim Shi Qi and Teoh Chai Yun final presentation at the MDEC Mydigitalmaker Career Immersion Showcase today.

Fusionex MD of New Technologies Jacob Isaac and Fusionex Head of Talent Management William Teo representing Fusionex to discuss about the pain points and solutions Fusionex have implemented to address the issue of the nation’s current tech talent gap and how does the company keep up with industrial demands.

Meanwhile as the discussion will be taking place in the Executive Boardroom, the Digital Ninja Teoh Chai Yun and Lim Shi Qi showcased their internship journey during their time with their irrespective organization Fusionex.

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