The Edge SME Forum 20191 min read

August 7, 2019 1 min read


The Edge SME Forum 20191 min read

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The pace of change is accelerating, whether it’s industry 4.0 or 5G, Agile or Big Data or getting on the Cloud. Every time you have adopted to one concept, another comes along and you have to adapt all over again. The only constant is change, the only certainty, uncertainty.

Raju Chellam Fusionex Vice President of New Technologies was speaking to a full house at The Edge SME Forum 2019 on “Digital Transformation: What’s next for Malaysia?” The event delegates learn how to keep their head up amidst the chaos.

Raju pointed out during his presentation – the use of smart analytical technology could elevate the country’s inherent strengths, which are competitive labor, infrastructure and diverse cultural history, among others.